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Day Boats

You can hire a day boat with members of your household, plus an individual within your “bubble.”

If you wish to book a day boat, please reserve through the online booking calendars.


Social distancing for Day Boat training

When you book your Day Boat, you will receive a Booking Confirmation email with links to the boat manual and an online preparation course. The Designated Skipper is asked to read the manual thoroughly and complete the online course, even if they are experienced.

With this preparation work complete, we will be able to shorten your training time on the day to practical training.

When your party arrives at the marina, you will gather at the named meeting point for your boat opposite the marina office. Your entire party will be directed to board your boat and remain inside, until the Designated Skipper has received any necessary training from us (at a 2 metre distance.)

Once the skipper is happy at the controls, we will wave you on your way!

Day Boat experiences can now be purchased via Gift Card, and are valid for 365 days after purchase.


Narrowboat holidays

These are available from Monday 6th July to members of the same household and individuals with the same “bubble.”

To book the family narrowboat, Gosling, click here.

To book one of the Boutique Narrowboats, click here.

To book an ABC fleet boat from Union Wharf, click here.


See you soon!

Best wishes

Aaran, Sharon and the team at Union Wharf