A boating holiday on the canals is a unique way to spend time together as a family. It’s a bit of an outdoor adventure learning new skills; but unlike camping, you have all the comforts of home on tap – free WiFi, televisions, full kitchens and central heating.


Which boat is right for you?

All boats are suitable for beginners and all have similar facilities. You can download our brochure and price list here.


A holiday for the whole family

A narrowboat holiday offers the chance for all the generations to learn something new together.

Whilst for those operating the locks and steering, it can be a physical holiday, others in your group may enjoy the tranquility of watching nature pass by from the comfort of the saloon.

Free WiFi and TVs will keep you in touch with the 21st century, a full kitchen enables the preparation of family meals and of course the canalside pubs and restaurants provide diversions for all.

Whether you enjoy the excitement of navigating through a tunnel for the first time, relish the gentle adventure of operating Foxton Locks or prefer to hunt for the herons and kingfishers in the hedgerow, the whole family will absorb new skills and find plenty to chat about at the end of each day.


Beginners welcome

At Union Wharf we specialise in training narrowboat novices and include a comprehensive handover with every hire. On your first afternoon, our experienced trainers will explain the operation of your boat and will go out with you on your canal boat for a little way, to ensure you feel confident during your holiday or day trip. We encourage you to make the most of our Beginner Guides, written especially for you by the Union Wharf team.