Operate Foxton Locks foot swing bridge

foxton locks foot bridge

In this Beginner Guide, we show you how to operate the Foxton Locks foot bridge.

As you approach Foxton basin from Market Harborough, you will see a small black and white foot bridge spanning the canal. This will need to be unlocked and swung out of the way in order to enter the basin.

Our little video shows you how.

Using the Foxton Locks foot swing bridge from Market Harborough side

  • Moor up using the white-topped bollards on the right hand side to allow your crew to disembark. You can hold your narrowboat temporarily on the centre line.
  • Your crew should take a CRT key from the boat (provided) and cross over the bridge.
  • They will unlock the bridge by inserting the key and turning 180 degrees anticlockwise, before lifting the white handle.
  • The bridge can then be pushed, to allow the boat to drive through into Foxton basin.
  • Push the bridge back across and allow the white handle to “clang” into place before turning and removing the key.

We are delighted that more and more narrowboat novices are enjoying the canals around Market Harborough. We are putting together a series of Beginner Guides to help you prepare for your holiday and find a few solutions to common problems en route.

It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Canal and River Trust’s Boaters’ Handbook before you arrive.

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